Leadingthe charge into 2024, Davide Laudato is proud to announce a significant move with the introduction of “Paesano”. This transformative initiative, set to launch on January 11th, 2024, is rooted in the essence of what makes Davide most happy.  Inspired also by recent developments in Copenhagen's dynamic food landscape, the decision to embrace Paesano comes after attentive observation and thoughtful consideration. This introspective analysis, including our unique Sunday lunch experiences where we peeled back the layers to provide an authentic Neapolitan lunch encounter, has been met with resounding positivity from our cherished guests.
Paesano, meaning "peasant" in Italian, is our answer to blending Neapolitan tradition with a contemporary touch.
This culinary venture promises to offerthe discerning diners of Copenhagen a distinctive palate adventure.  We are committed to celebrating the timeless love for traditional dishes while introducing a modern edge, meticulously using only top-quality products. Our menu will feature a range of super-tasty, traditional house-made pasta dishes starting from 95 Dkk, main courses from 115 Dkk, starters from 45 Dkk, and more.  The introduction of competitive pricing aims to make our culinary experience not only delectable but also surprisingly affordable, akin to a journey to Napoliand Italy without venturing far from home. 
Do not let hesitation stop you from trying Paesano, fearing a compromise on food quality or the integrity of our ingredients. Rest assured, our team is devoted to showcasing the genuine tastes of the Napoli region, embodying love andpassion in every dish. Our enduring motto, "Don't be afraid of real taste," remains unchanged.While it may challenge your preferred palate, we are dedicated to presentingthe pure essence of tradition and authentic flavors from the Napoli region. Davide invites all food lovers to experience the evolution of culinary excellence with Paesàno, where tradition meets contemporary flair.

Press Inquiries : info@paesanolcph.dk

(T) ‎+45 53 77 71 92

( CVR )  32 66 91 82




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